Throughout many years of cooperation and interaction, Maatouk has built very strong relations with worldwide famous suppliers. Coffee is imported from its main sources around the globe. The sophisticated manufacturing facilities are equipped and maintained by companies that are specialized in developing high-end machinery for coffee roasting, grinding, and packaging. The pure and passionate dedication exhibited by the family has entrapped all those suppliers in more than a simple business relationship, but in a partnership that has evolved with generations over decades.

Calini: Specialized Italian Manufacturers of Coffee Packaging Machines

"We have known the Maatouk family for a long time. Our cooperation also continued in Germany and England. Our company is specialized in vacuum packaging machines for coffee since 1919, and Calini is an eminent name in this field. We know when a coffee business is also good at roasting coffee, and we can say that the Maatouk family has coffee in their veins. As for packaging, they started to expertly pack coffee under vacuum to preserve some of its primordial ingredients, especially its aroma. Congratulations to the Maatouk family for this success and bright future awaiting".

Seram: Renowned Manufacturers of Coffee Packaging Machines

"Seram and Maatouk's Company in Lebanon have been cooperating together since 1980. The business relationship between the two companies grew on a solid ground of professionalism and teamwork. Seram experienced the skilled knowledge of the Maatouk family after working hand in hand on the well-thought process of vacuum packaging, in order to preserve a high-quality delicious coffee. As a result of this collaboration, the fruit of our combined efforts has always been excellence and success".