Smelling the indescribable smell of coffee in the morning, or on a cold afternoon, taking the mysterious cup slowly in your hands, tasting the first sip, gazing at the hot black drink inside your cup, listening to the silence passing through one sip and the other, or enjoying the sounds of a chit-chat over a coffee break… a genuinely pleasant experience that engages your five senses in a non-ending cycle of satisfaction.

As the story begins, you start privileging your sight by looking at coffee creating its creme or froth. It is the first step of wandering through your five senses. 

You continue gazing at its body expressing a perfect consistency that creates the desire of touching this mysterious blend.

Then, you smell the unique aroma, exploring the exclusive characteristics of Maatouk through the gift of smell, just like with the world's best wines. The volatile substances released in roasting correspond to the aroma itself. Take a few seconds to inhale and distinguish flowers from fruits and nuts. Coffee may be chocolaty, floral, fruity, or grassy.

The peak of your journey is when you reach the tasting step. Coffee is at its best when the temperature drops a little and without adding any sugar, for it already enjoys the right bitter-sweet combination. When tasting, you will feel coffee flowing smoothly in your mouth just like silk.

Tasting is always naturally combined with the fifth sense: listening. Have you ever thought of contemplating in the secret sound of coffee sips? An enjoyable art itself, bringing to your heart many memories you thought you had already forgotten.

For Maatouk, it is a passionate mission to go deeper in the exploration and improvement of these daily unforgettable coffee moments where technology, art, and traditions are mingled in one cup, one sip!