Why Maatouk? Because of Tradition mingled with Expertise, resonating in the coffee world for more than half a century. It all starts from selecting the beans, appreciating and understanding their intrinsic value as well as the uniqueness of their character, to end with presenting a premium quality of coffee to our consumers to enjoy a special moment.

Behind this great-tasting Maatouk coffee lies a value for details and a flair for perfectionism. As a result, you will have the chance to enjoy our distinctive flavors.

Did you know: How to keep your coffee fresh?
To keep your coffee fresh, buy coffee often, in quantities that will last you one to two weeks, and then store your coffee properly. If you want to buy a larger quantity of coffee, store the bulk of it tightly sealed in an airtight container in a cool, dark area and keep a smaller quantity in a smaller container for daily use. Only open the large container to refill the smaller container. Storing coffee this way will reduce air exposure for the larger portion coffee.

Opaque glass, ceramic or non-reactive metal containers with airtight gaskets are ideal for storing coffee. Cool, dark, dry places (such as pantries and cabinets) are best for coffee storage, while fridges and freezers should be avoided because they are moist.

Air, moisture, heat, and light are to be avoided in coffee storage.