Maatouk Doctors Episode - 04/02/2011

Maatouk appears in Doctors episode

Coffee is rich with anti-oxidants, these anti- oxidants are maintained in decaffeinated coffee.
 While most brands worldwide rely on chemicals to extract the caffeine, at Maatouk, we have conceived a ground-breaking purely natural decaffeination process. 
Unlike all other methods, our one-of-a-kind procedure is water-based, combining pure science with valued experience. 
The result is the only 100% Arabica in-house Lebanese Decaffeinated coffee in the Middle East with maintained characteristics of flavor, body, and aroma. 
Our decaffeinated coffee is the only solution for coffee lovers who aim at an enjoyable coffee experience without the caffeine, yet without any of the hazardous chemical compounds commonly used in the industry.

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