"Gahwa" is Arabian coffee and it is very common in the Bedouin hospitality. It is offered to you not only as refreshment but to show that you are being warmly welcomed.

The host places a set of four coffee pots called "della". Then, he pours the green coffee beans onto a "mahmasa", held above the flames. The roasted beans are stirred and cooked and then left to cool before being crushed with a pestle in a mortar called "mahbash". Water is poured into the second large pot containing freshly-ground coffee to be boiled over fire.

The host adds then the cardamom seeds, and sometimes a pinch of saffron, into the third della which is then filled with the freshly brewed coffee from the second pot and brought to boil again. Finally, the gahwa is poured into the fourth and smallest pot and served with the utmost etiquette. It is never sweetened with sugar, fresh dates are rather offered as accompaniment.

Maatouk has catered for the Gulf region during the last decade and developed roasts and blends that match the Khaleeji taste, all 100% Arabica.